Shapes and sizes, they come in different ones. And that’s just fine and dandy.

This strip was a long time coming, ever since I came across the news that Mattel™ will be releasing new body shapes for their Barbie line. 

Tall, curvy and petite, the headline says. It’s a radical move on their part, or so they said. Then it dawned on me while reading about it that I’ve already done tall, curvy and petite. Alex (tall), Joey (curvy), and Charlie (petite). They have always been three different, beautiful women.

Shapes and sizes. It’s about time.

Now it took me a while to get this strip out, for various reasons. But I planned to end it with Charlie carrying away Alex’s standee, depicting the fact that Alex is still not in the strip. Still, nobody is asking where she is. But I’m about to address that in the next couple of strips, but I had to get to this point before I do.