French Maid, just good house keeping, or when the Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50.

Charlie, once more, lost a bet on Super Bowl. This time from rookie Joey. Them the brakes, I guess.

ICYMI: The first appearance of Albert S. Hwang.

I went into this strip unlike before not knowing what I’m going to draw in the next strip, unlike my first attempt when I decided Charlie lost the bet. That made me actually care for the game more than the other times I tuned in. And to tell the truth, I wanted the Panthers to win only because I’d like to draw Charlie spanking Joey’s bum (I drew it anyway).

I got curious as to how and when the sexy french maid became an iconic go-to costume, and I found this article which gives a little light on the subject. The first time I can remember noticing the french maid costume is in the classic movie “Clue”.