Meet the Girls of 408

Alex: She’s the perfect girl. Redhead, voluptuous in all the right places, and loves the geeks of the world. Underneath that sexy exterior is a geek herself, though looking at her you wouldn’t know it.

I created her way back in college, she had a different name and dark hair, but essentially the same character. She was based off the face that was used in CorelDraw back in the nineties, that time I did not realize it was of Hedy Lamarr. Over the years, I re-invented her into a redhead, based her face on a number of beautiful actresses.

As of this edit, I have gone back to her original inspiration Hedy Lamarr.



Charlie: Charlie is half Filipino and half Japanese, born in Kyoto but was raised by her parents in America. She is a free spirit, as she herself will put it.I gave her my love of comics, particularly my obsession with Superman, because, why not?

She I created way before Alex, in high school. Her first incarnation was that of an elf character in a fantasy comics. I was way into Dungeons and Dragons and Elfworld at the time. Her short hair was actually essential to her character’s story and personality. An outcast who never really fit in. I re-invented her as Charlie after seeing the Robert Downey film about Charlie Chaplin, essentially attributing Chaplin’s own struggle with being an oddball and tortured soul of his time. A free spirit.



Joey: Joey is Alex’s cousin and is the quintessential girl next door. A beautiful girl who does not think she is. She has this shy personality but a profound mind that just blows you away. She is the introvert that loves music when I envisioned her in earlier incarnations. In 2004 onward, I added photography to her many artistic skills.