Fitness first, or how to get injured at the gym if you’re using your ‘other’ head.

This was a planned strip for a long time now, dates so far back in the beginning of 2013. Somehow, every time I try to draw it back then, damn thing just didn’t let right. Until now.

Fitness First is the name of the largest privately owned health club group in the world. It is also very expensive to be a member. I know a lot of people personally that go there. I’ve been going to a local, very low brow community-type and very affordable gym for the past 13 or so years. All I can say is, expensive doesn’t equal effective. Nothing against the brand, but most of the time all I see in there are people drinking tea or coffee, sitting down and using the free wifi.

And those ‘bro’ guys? Yeah, every gym has a few of those lurking about.