Super Bowl 50 is here, and Joey is taking the bet against Charlie.

Super Bowl 50. Well, depending I guess if you live in the US and follow American Football. Now, depending on whether what team you want to win, or what bet between the girls you’d like to see happen.

This one had to be done before Super Bowl 50 or else it will cascade the next strip, as this sets it up depending on the outcome of the game. Which is why, by hook or by crook, I intended to finish and post by this date.

Those who are curious, the team choice between the characters was simply made by a coin toss. In this version of the girls, Charlie hails from San Francisco by way of the Philippines (father) and Japan (mother). Joey was born and lived previously in Seattle. They now live in an apartment with Alex in New York City. None of the teams from this city made it to Super Bowl 50.

Also, nobody is still curious to know where Alex is as of this post.