The air up there, funny how it smells so nice when the weekend is around the corner.

The strip has nothing to do with the movie “The Air Up There”, just thought it was a good title to have. I’m trying to expand the scope of the apartment, and I’ve always wanted to do something on the balcony. Yes, the girls’ apartment has a balcony. Don’t ask me how they can afford such a big place in Manhattan, such is the perks of being fiction.

Now, those who are still reading and subscribing are wondering why there was no strip until today? Well, my country is experiencing El Niño since March. Everyday the heat in my country goes up, with the hottest recorded at 50ºC. At the age I am in, I’m having trouble coping with the heat, so I’m pretty sick most of the days.

Hopefully this May, local weather forecast says that we are nearing the end of this massive heatwave.

On a much somber note, another music icon has left this mortal world. RIP Prince, thank you for the music. Thank you for sharing your genius to the world.