Where in the World is Alex Evans, no one said ever.

Apologies are in order for not getting a new strip out for a few weeks. It has been one chaotic last run for 2015. Where in the world is Alex Evans was to be the start of a new solo strip adventure for this fire-haired beauty, but Paris happened.

What connection did it have? I was planning on staging Alex’s journey on a European tour starting in the city of lights, but when the attacks happened, I tried to change it to reflect those events. But then I realized I might be perceived as using the recent tragedy as a mere plot device.

So I opted to just do this, inspired partially by a scene in the classic X-Files episode Chinga.

The title is obviously a play on Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego. I was also contemplated on using Why didn’t they asked Evans? which is a Agatha Christie novel. I think I’ll use that in the next strip in this chapter.