This is the moment that changed this strip forever.

Joey’s breasts. It is common belief that if a man were to look at them he would turn to stone. As she is the only one of my characters I have yet to draw totally nude, I’m afraid once the world gaze upon her ample bosoms, the internet will explode.

But don’t you just hate it when at the very moment, a fuse blew on the entire apartment? You’re probably cursing at me right now and asking, ” Will we ever see beyond that beautiful smile of Joey?”

Like I said, this is the moment that will change this strip forever. Well, not totally change it, just hopefully add another layer to it.

I promise you, that day will come.

This strip was inspired partly by this article I got to read a few months ago. It was published way back in May, and only remembered about it this week. Also, if you noticed that I only used three words for all balloons. It’s somewhat a writing exercise I read somewhere.