Memorial Day Weekend, or another reason to barbecue and party.

This was spawned during a conversation I had with my friends who lives in New York. Did not even know there was a holiday there because, obviously, I don’t live there.

So the barbecue scenario gave me the opportunity to use a gag on how not to eat food a certain way. Of course, I tried to draw all the things the linked video of Amanda Cerny told not to do.

Like last strip (you can click on the previous link below the strip if you’re not up to date on that), I also tried to show another aspect of Charlie’s personality. Yes, she does yoga. No, not all who does yoga (or Pilates, or whatever the craze at this point) are vegetarian or vegan (that’s what I’ve been told). As one meme says, you can’t be vegetarian when you like to eat pussy.

I have got to get a story going on Alex soon.

So happy Memorial Day Weekend to all those that celebrate it, and always eat and drink in moderation.