China Crisis felt like an appropriate title.

I guess this strip needs a bit of explaining for those of you who may not what’s been happening in my neck of the sea. China is basically claiming everything in the South China Sea under their sovereignty. They have now built numerous artificial islands destroying beautiful corals and natural underwater habitats and thus causing “irreversible and widespread damage to the biodiversity and ecological balance of the region“.

Now what has this to do with Charlie? Well, Charlie is half-Japanese and half-Filipino, and I felt that she is such a perfect metaphor (Japan and Philippines are two of the numerous countries who has disputes over China). Imagine having this dude pretty much do that to any woman. It’s a violation on numerous levels, right? No woman will ever tolerate such actions against them, correct? Now imagine another country do that to another.

I don’t like being political in my strips. It’s not what you expect of me. But sometimes I just need to vent out, and my strips are my conduit. Hopefully I have made a small contribution so that the world can be aware that what China is doing is wrong.

And don’t even get me started on Yulin.