Bill Finger, if not for this man, I doubt we even have a Batman Day to celebrate.

How many opportunities does one like me have to play on the surname ‘Finger’ in my lifetime, right? The name is right there, and the gag with the girls just flowed naturally.

Now I don’t mean any disrespect to Bill Finger, on the contrary, ever since I first read about the truth on how one of comicbook history’s iconic character really got created, my brain just exploded. Without the contributions of this writer, we would not be seeing the Batman with the cowl and cape. There won’t be a Commissioner Gordon or colourful villains. Bill Finger, from what I’ve so far read, even had a hand in creating Robin, the Boy Wonder.

Without the contributions of Bill Finger, would there be a Frank Miller re-invention of the Dark Knight? I wouldn’t probably even have a single action figure of the Caped Crusader on my desk right now if Bob Kane didn’t have the inputs of Finger.

So to Bill Finger, thank you for co-creating The Batman.