Bad hair day, or what happens after you remove the corn rows on your hair.

This strip started out on Monday as a supposed bridge for the actual strip idea I got while in the gym. But before I could go to that strip, I had to address Charlie’s hair. A few people (because only a few do comment and/or send messages to me about this comic strip) voiced their opinion on the corn rows. Thus bad hair day. Believe me, the way I felt this week, this strip started out a bit more depressing.

Nobody liked it. Which is good. Having you guys care means I’m doing something right.

And while all accepted it, there will always be THAT ONE. For some reason, he needed to tell me (through an anonymous comment for which I did not bother to post because it was so long) how much he hated Charlie’s new hair style. He LOVES Charlie since the DevART days, but what I did to her hair was unforgivable. To the point that he was resending his Patreon support (FYI, he never had one) and that he will no longer read the strips.

This is my reply. Although if what he says is true, he will never see.

Side note: the hair that I drew on the first panel was meant to show the aftermath of corn row removal, but its starting to grow on me. Also, I did a bunch of hair styles on Charlie, but had to choose 2 for the panels.