This is an apple. And this is how the world works now where facts no longer matters.

Are we seriously living in a world where people can throw anything about everything and we just accept it as fact? When did common sense left this planet? When did this world lost it and said “Fuck it! I’m outta here. You humans deal with your shit.”


When I was a kid, I could go out and bike with my friends on the highway. Going from one city to another. Without even a single thought of being run over. The streets were free of obstructions, and motorists respected cyclists like me. Now, I can’t go out the door without someone on a car or motorcycle trying to run me over. Because somehow they own the roads and a cyclist does not matter. Hell, pedestrians don’t matter.

What was my point exactly here? Nothing. Just wanted to rant.

Anyway, I keep seeing that CNN ad “Facts First” and this popped into my head and had to draw it.

Now back to that long awaited next chapter of the girls in the void of space and time.