Diddle the Skittle. Flicking the Bean. Buff the Beaver. Air the Orchid. Douse the Digits. Digging for Clams. Couch Hockey for One. Oiling your Holster. Making Bubble. Making Soup.

This can actually go on and on.

In other words; Female Masturbation.

I was amused by the term as I was looking for a title for this strip, did not know there were so many to choose from.

I’ve had a version of this strip sketched and half-inked early on, but never got satisfied (see what I did there?) with the output. Until I stumbled upon this article on Women’s Health Magazine (yeah, don’t ask how I found the article, it just popped on my Flipboard feed for whatever reason). I pretty much used three (3) of the nine (9) thoughts listed there that best fit my three girls’ personalities. I particularly like Joey’s as it fits her to a tee.

So, credit goes to writer Kristen Sollee for the words used in this strip.

So to all women, keep calm and diddle the skittle. Pet the pussy. Playing the centipede. Pressing the eject button. Priming the pump. Tapping the keg. Giving a noogie to your monkey. Grabbing the goatee. Greasing the cucumber. Hitting the volume control. Leglocking the pillow. Manual override…