Double the fun,¬†twice the orgasms. I’ll just take Alex’s word for it.

It’s no secret that putting out a strip every week is my achilles’ heel. But ever since I started this new direction for the girls of 408 and their ongoing adventure, this strip has slowly evolved. I’ve slowly turning each strip into a full comic book page, that when it’s all said and done, will (hopefully) ultimately become a full graphic comics.

So that’s why it takes twice as long now to put these out. What you see here is an edited version suited for the comic strip format. You’ll probably seeing the full, uncensored page version if you are¬†a patron on my Patreon page.

Speaking of Patreon, to those who are still supporting this site, thank you. Because of your support is why I’m still doing this. It’s because of your support that I have stepped up my game and now evolving this strip into a full comic book.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.